How To Build A Following Online And

Make Your First $1,000 With It

What is the Social University?

Hi there, I'm Antonie Lokhorst, and in The Social University I'm going to teach you how I gained over 4 Million followers in under 2 years. The Social University is NOT just another online course that you login once and then forget about. It's also NOT a scheme that promises you millions of followers and thousands of dollars made within just weeks.


Social University is basically my online program that teaches you everything about building a steady following online and making money with it like I did over the past 2 years. It comes with an online community where hundreds of successful students help out each other.


Whether you're building up a business or your personal brand, whether you want to grow on Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok, understanding how building a following works is the key to success. Social University works with the top 1% influencer secrets.


Be ready to learn all the secrets the industry doesn't want you to know!

And Learn How To Build A Following Online And Make Your First $1,000 With It...

  • The Social Evolution

    The evolution of social media & what exact strategy to choose in order to grow 500+ followers daily!

  • Influencer Marketing

    An in-depth view on the influencer industry & how to get your first sponsordeals, even with only 400 followers.

  • Niche Domination

    How to choose and completely dominate your niche! This section got all the tips and tricks.

  • Content Creation

    I'll teach you everything about creating the perfect content and what NOT to do.

  • Social Growth

    The real secrets and exact strategies on how to rapidly grow 500+ followers daily. Influencers hate me for sharing this with you.

  • How To Charge Brands

    How to charge, what to charge, and different ways to instantly make money through your social media, also with having only 300 followers.

  • Premium Dealmaking

    How to negotiate from a free to highly paid influencer attracting the best and biggest deals online.

  • Making Money

    Leverage your social media and easily make your first $1,000 with it. PS: Just use my proven methods.

  • Zero To Millionaire

    I'll show you the exact system I used to generate over $100,000/month in online sales.

  • [BONUS] Interviews

    Watch interviews with some of the biggest names in the industry and learn their exact strategies.

  • [BONUS] Community

    You'll get access to my private community for free. Everyone is helping out each other, it's amazing!

  • [BONUS] Coaching

    Inside my private community, you'll get free access to monthly coaching sessions from different coaches.

  • 30 Day Trial

    Before you become a member and join my Social University you can try out the program at an insane discount for only $9,95 your first month.


This program will teach you, step by step, how to grow your following and make your first $1,000 with it.

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$9,95 $34,00/trial month

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''a friend told me to check out Antonie and the Social University, so I joined the program. I was actually quite surprised about the content and the unique tactics Antonie uses. If you still consider joining, I'd definitely encourage you to take the risk, Antonie won't disappoint you.''

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30 Day Trial + Money Back Guarantee

Even though we're already letting you join the Social University for such a low price, we wanted to take it even further...


The first 30 days of your subscription is a trial period. If the program isn't what you expected it to be, we offer a 30-day cancellation policy.

If you decide to cancel your subscription, just send an e-mail to and our support team will get back to you within 24 hours.


After your trial month the regular prices will be charged. As a special welcome offer you can now claim a free 1-on-1 call with me or my team.

Monthly Payment

$9,95 $34


  • Special 30 Days Trial Price!

  • Full Yearly Course Access ($897)

  • Private Community ($797)

  • 'Make Money' Course Included

  • [LIVE] Coaching Calls ($497)

  • Influencer Interviews

  • Monthly GiveAways ($1000)

  • BONUS: Millionaire Mentor

Quarterly Payment

$9,95 $94

  • Special 30 Days Trial Price!

  • Full Yearly Course Access ($897)

  • Private Community ($797)

  • 'Make Money' Course Included

  • [LIVE] Coaching Calls ($497)

  • Influencer Interviews

  • Monthly GiveAways ($1000)

  • BONUS: Millionaire Mentor

Yearly Payment

$9,95 $294

  • Special 30 Days Trial Price!

  • Full Yearly Course Access ($897)

  • Private Community ($797)

  • 'Make Money' Course Included

  • [LIVE] Coaching Calls ($497)

  • Influencer Interviews

  • Monthly GiveAways ($1000)

  • BONUS: Millionaire Mentor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

  • I´m still 16 years old. Does that matter? 

    It doesn't. We've got students your age who are absolutely killing it. The only thing that matters is your mindset.If you know you want to learn new stuff and are serious about it, age doesn't matter. Hope to see you inside!

  • I don´t have any previous experience. Is that a problem?

    You don't have to be great to start. You have to start to become great. Experience is what you're going to get soon, first make sure you learn the right tactics. I personally recommend you to just check it out the first month for $9,95 and see if this is something for you.

  • Do I have to show my face on Instagram?

    Most people do, I guess if that's out of your comfort zone maybe you should just do it, it feels great! But you can also choose for anonymous options such as running commercial or shoutout accounts and growing those as a way to make money from it!

  •  When will I gain my first followers? ​

    On the first day you take action. Some will gain more than others, that's just how it is, but with my strategies everyone is able to gain at least 100.000 followers over time.

  • Do I need tens of thousands of followers to make money?​

    A question I get a lot. Funny story, one of my old friends also followed Social University, might do an interview with him. He had only 500 followers and made $1,000 in 4 days. Guess that's an answer to your question... ;)

  • How much time do I need everyday to be successful? 

    Good question, it really depends. YouTube requires you to put in more hours than for example Instagram. If you begin smart, which I will teach you, 15 minutes a day is all you need!

  • What is the catch? Are there any hidden costs?​

    How about giving a $897 course away for only $9,95 haha. There are no hidden costs, but remember: when you don't end your trial within your first 30 days, you're automatically renewed to a yearly subscription. More on these terms are found in our billing policy.

  • How will I get access?

    It might take 2-5 minutes, but after paying your $9,95 trial you will automatically receive your login email with username and password. You can change it to a password of your preference in your portal. You'll also find a private link to join the community.


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